Voice and Piano

A 'Under The Greenwood Tree' (baritone and piano)

 Five Shakespeare settings of songs from his plays.  They can be performed as a whole group or separately. Duration 15 mins.

Listen to these songs performed by Peter Edge (baritone) and John Whittaker (piano) from a live performance.

'Under The Greenwood Tree'

‘When Daffodils’

B 'By Each Hedge and Hill' (baritone and piano)

A Song-Cycle. Words by Andrew Young. Duration approx. 14 mins.   [Versions also for piano plus string quintet or an orchestra.]  The six songs trace a journey through the seasons of the year.  Here are some audios from a live performance with award-winning baritone Peter Edge (link) accompanied by the composer.



'Stay Spring'

Andrew Young


Finale - 'Song'

C 'Four Nocturnes' (mezzo-soprano and piano)

full-moon-through-the-trees NEW

Words by Andrew Young.  Duration 12 mins. They can be performed as a set or as solo items. 

A film to accompany ‘Nocturne’ by Stuart Barry can be viewed on the VIDEO section of this website.  Listen to ‘these 4 songs beautifully sung by Lucy Elston (link) accompanied by Laurence Panter (link).



'The Moon'

D 'A Thomas Hardy Collection' (settings for baritone and piano)

Eight Hardy settings that can be performed in any combination or separately as stand-alone songs.

  • When I Set Out For Lyonesse
  • The Voice
  • Weathers
  • Summer Schemes
  • In The Small Hours
  • The Ballad-Singer 
  • The Oxen
  • Great Things 
'In The Small Hours' - sung by Peter Edge
'The Voice' - sung by Peter Edge
'The Ballad-Singer' - sung by Peter Edge
‘When I set Out For Lyonesse’- sung Mike Sanderson
'The Oxen' - sung by Mike Sanderson. (If you listen carefully, you can hear the clock strike twelve at the beginning of this song.....)

Thomas Hardy (1884-1928)

E 'Silence and Music' (baritone and alto with piano)

Words by Ursula Vaughan Williams 

i)  ‘Man Makes Delight His Own’ (baritone)

ii)  ‘From Joy to Fire’ (alto) 

iii)  ‘Song’ (baritone)

iv)  ‘Night’ (alto)

v)  ‘Nocturne’ (baritone)

vi)  ‘Effigies’ (alto)

vii)  ‘Silence and Music’ (alto and baritone)     


In the last song the short musical motto from the opening song concludes the whole set.                                                                

The songs can also be performed just as stand-alone pieces. 

'Man Makes Delight His Own'- sung by Peter Edge
'From Joy to Fire' - sung by Rozanna Madylus
Ursula Vaughan Williams with the composer in 2004.
'Song' - sung by Peter Edge
'Nocturne' - sung by Peter Edge
'Silence and Music' - sung by Rozanna Madylus & Peter Edge

F 'Three Paintings by Vincent Van Gogh' (mezzo soprano and piano).

Three songs to words related to famous paintings by Vincent Van Gogh by Alf Williams.

i)  ‘Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer’

ii)  ‘La Berceuse’

iii)  ‘Sunflowers’

G 'Three Blake Songs' (baritone and piano)

Words by William Blake

i)  ‘Memory Hither Come’ 

ii) ‘The Echo-ing Green’ 

iii) ‘The Laughing Song’ 

'The Echo-ing Green' sung by Peter Edge

H 'Songs of The Natural World'

Four settings of poems concerning aspects of the natural world.  For mezzo-soprano or baritone voice.

i) ‘The Brook’ – a setting of a captivating poem by Tennyson describing the journey of a little brook travelling through the countryside – until it eventually joins with and becomes part of a larger river.  

ii) ‘March Hares’ – words taken from a poem by Andrew Young.  Composed (appropriately!) in March, 2024. 

iii) ‘The Urban Fox’ – words by contemporary writer, Anthony Pinching.  The wonderfully descriptive words capture the night-time adventure of a fox.

1v) ‘The Lark’ – words by William Wordsworth.  Written after hearing Simon Armitage reading the poem ‘The Lark’ on BBC Radio 4. 

'March Hares' sung by Peter Edge
'The Urban Fox' sung by Peter Edge

Voice And Orchestra

A 'A Garland for Christmas' (baritone and orchestra)

Five Seasonal Songs for Baritone and Orchestra. Duration 14 mins. Words by a variety of poets – including Shakespeare and Hardy. (See also under ‘Orchestral Music’)

Listen to Andrew Sparling sing the third movement: ‘A Recipe For A Christmas Pudding’, accompanied by the Crowthorne Symphony Orchestra (conductor Robert Roscoe):

A Choir in Winnipeg has made a little film to go with this particular movement. It starts at 6 minutes 30 secs into the video. Click on:  Simple Gifts – YouTube

B 'By Each Hedge And Hill' (baritone and orchestra)

Song Cycle for Baritone and Orchestra. Duration 15 mins. Words by Andrew Young. (see also in ‘Voice and Piano’ section).

C 'The Manner Of The Worlde Nowadays' (baritone and orchestra)

A work for Baritone and Orchestra based on the poems of John Skelton. A dramatic, but light-hearted work consisting of a Prologue, 4 poem settings and an Epilogue. It includes a setting of the title poem ‘The World Nowadays’. The singer takes on the character of the poet himself. In the Epilogue there is a short quotation from Vaughan Williams’ ‘Five Tudor Portraits’ – his settings in music of the same poet.  Duration 21 mins approx. 

 Here is a live recording of two of the movements recorded in the same church where Skelton was a rector – at St. Mary’s Church, Diss, with the singing of Peter Edge (baritone).  The composer hopes that there might one day be a performance of the cantata with an orchestra, as originally intended.

 ‘The Manner of The Worlde Nowadays’

*I hope that if you have alighted on this page on my website, you have might have found time to enjoy listening to some of the recordings to be accessed here – with the various fine contemporary singers that have contributed with their wonderful singing.  You are welcome to contact me via my contact page if you have perhaps enjoyed a particular song – as I would be interested to know.  PDF’s of most of my music is available (free of charge) on request.  Printed copies of the Shakespeare Songs and the Thomas Hardy settings are available to purchase.