Voice and Piano:


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Andrew Young poet.jpg   Andrew Young (1885-1971)

a) 'By Each Hedge and Hill'

A Song-Cycle of six songs for Baritone and Piano. Words by Andrew Young. Duration approx. 13 mins.   (Also Versions for Piano and String Quartet / Small Orchestra and Baritone.)  The songs trace a journey through the seasons of the year.

The following songs are sung by Mike Paarn (Baritone) 

Song 4 'Stay Spring' :                                                                


Song 5  'Spring Song' :


Song 6  'Song'



 b) 'Four Nocturnes' for Soprano/Mezzo and Piano  (2020)

Four songs to words by Andrew Young. They are not intended as a set, so can be sung in any combination or as solo items. They are: i) 'Summer Night'  ii) 'Daisies'  iii) 'Nocturne'  and  iv) 'The Moon'  (Vocal Range Bb to F)

Listen to 'Summer Night' being beautifully sung by Lucy Elston, (link) accompanied by Laurence Panter (link):

     'Speak now the silence of the moon, a white and silent lovely speech...'





 Image result for william shakespeare portrait  W. Shakespeare (1563-1616)

c) 'Under The Greenwood Tree'

Song-Cycle of five songs for Baritone and Piano. Words by William Shakespeare.  Duration approx. 11 mins.

The following songs are sung by Mike Paarn accompanied by the composer. (Except no. 3  - Oskar McCarthy accompanied by Chris Gill.)

Song 2. ''When Daffodils''  :

Song 3. 'Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind'  :

Song 4. 'Orpheus With His Lute' :

Song 5. 'O Mistress Mine' :



 Image result for thomas hardy  T. Hardy (1840-1928)

d) Five Songs to words by Thomas Hardy - for Baritone and Piano 

  • When I Set Out For Lyonesse
  • The Voice
  • Weathers
  • Summer Schemes
  • The Oxen

These five Hardy settings can be performed in any combination or separately as stand-alone songs.

Here are two sung by Mike Sanderson, accompanied by the composer:

'Weathers'  :

'When I Set Out For Lyonesse' :



 Image result for ursula vaughan williams  Ursula Vaughan-Williams (1911-2007)

e) 'Man Makes Delight His Own'

Song for Baritone and Piano. Words by Ursula Vaughan Williams.


Voice and Orchestra:


 a)  'A Christmas Garland'

Five Seasonal Songs for Baritone and Orchestra. Duration 12 mins. Words by a variety of poets. (See also under 'Orchestral Music')

Listen to Andrew Sparling sing the third movement: 'A Recipe For A Christmas Pudding', accompanied by the Crowthorne Symphony Orchestra (conductor Robert Roscoe):



b) 'By Each Hedge and Hill' 

Song Cycle for Baritone and Orchestra. Duration 12 mins. Words by Andrew Young. (see also in 'Voice and Piano' section).


   John Skelton 1463-1529

c) 'The Manner of The Worlde Nowadays' (2019-20)

A work for Baritone and Orchestra founded on the poems of John Skelton. A light-hearted work consisting of a Prologue, 4 poem settings and an Epilogue. It includes a setting of the title poem 'The World Nowadays'. The singer takes on the character of the poet himself. The piece is influenced by the music of Vaughan Williams and indeed in the course of the Epilogue there is a short quotation from Vaughan Williams'  ' 5 Tudor Portraits'. Unperformed. Duration 18 mins approx. 


Choral Works:


  Alf Williams (1945-2001)

a) 'The Journey' 

A short choral work for Christmas, written for unaccompanied 6-part female choir (SSSAAA). Words by Alf Williams. This piece contains a section of 'random' singing - to evoke snow gently falling -  so that every performance will be different!  Duration approx. 4 mins.  (First perf. in Dec. 2016, Bern, Switzerland by Les Voc-a-les)

b) 'The Star Carol'

For 4-part Choir (SATB) and organ/piano (also an orchestrated version). Words by Alf Williams.

c) 'Three Shakespeare Songs' 

for 4-part Female Choir (SSAA) and piano.  Blow Thou Winter Wind / Orpheus With His Lute / O Mistress Mine  

d) 'Two Shakespeare Songs'

For 4-part Choir (SATB with some divisi) and piano. Orpheus With His Lute / O Mistress Mine

( 'O Mistress Mine' was given its public premier in May 2017 by the Arterian Singers, Cottingham, East Yorkshire)

e) 'It Was A Lover and His Lass'

For 4-part Unaccompanied Choir (SATB)  Written in a 'madrigal' style, with some division of parts.  Words by W. Shakespeare.  Revised since (with all 4 verses). 

(The Bach Chorale of Grand Rapids gave this piece its premiere in Nov. 2016, at Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. ) 



   The Bach Chorale of Grand Rapids.


f) 'Who is Silvia?'

For Unaccompanied Choir (SATB). Some divisi.  Words by W. Shakespeare. 

(First performance by the Gratis Choir, choral director Jeremy Rawson, May 2019)

g) The Miners' Carol 

- a traditional carol, arranged for Organ (or Piano) and Choir (SATB)  

(First performance by the Pangbourne Choral Society, choral director Ellie Calver, December, 2018)

 Click on the play button below to hear the 'The Miner's Carol', sung by The Pangbourne Choral Society:                                                                                                                        



  William Wordsworth 1830-50

h) 'I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud'

- a setting of the famous poem by William Wordsworth for Unaccompanied Choir (SATB). Some divisi. Unperformed. 


i) 'A Recipe for a Christmas Pudding'

-a light-hearted musical setting of 'A Recipe in Rhyme' by Doctor Chase (1903) for SATB Choir with piano accomp. Music available on PDF:  'Recipe For A Christmas Pudding'